Valentine’s Day Dates that Won’t Break Your Heart


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and lots of folks I know stress about finding the PERFECT gift or planning the most AMAZING date for the one that they love.  While these things are thoughtful and good, expressing love for someone shouldn’t have to break the bank.  They are also all activities that can be done for and with the ones you love, whether those relationships are romantic in nature or not! No significant other to speak of? Don’t hate on Valentine’s Day! Celebrate the people you love! Get together with your friends, spend some time with your extended family or children! All of these activities can be done on a budget and enjoyed with anyone that you love in your life!

Here are 5 Valentine’s Day Gift/Date ideas that won’t leave your wallet singing the blues:

     1. Cook your favorite (or THEIR favorite) meal together:  I enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen.  It’s therapeutic to me and the results are usually delightful (don’t ask my hubs about crunchy eggs *giggle*).  From our early days of dating, he would always help and get involved in whatever I had going on in the kitchen.  This was a new experience for me – and I liked it! Still do.  He’d always say, “It starts in the kitchen!” I’d have to say there is some truth in that.  Why not plan a menu together, go to the grocery store for the ingredients you don’t have and then just enjoy your time preparing the meal together.  It’s a great way to spend quality time together and maybe even try a new dish!

     2.  Create a Special Playlist or CD:  This one is sure to be a favorite, especially if your “other” is a music lover.  Spend some time creating a playlist full of songs from their favorite band or artist, songs that remind you of them or fun moments in your relationship.  This is a personal gift that requires effort and thought.  It would also make a great soundtrack for your meal making adventure, should you choose to participate in number one on the list.

     3.  Paint and Sip:  Find a local paint bar and go be creative together! The first (and last) time I did this, I attempted an Arkansas Razorback door decoration that ended up looking more like a blow fish.  I am not crafty.  However, it has been an often laughed about experience with my girlfriends and we had a ball. I’m willing to take one for the team and  I would totally go again.  Some awesome locations to check out in our local area are: ,, or

     4.  Plan a Backyard Date: Put that fire pit and grill to use! Roast some marshmallows and hot dogs, grill your dinner! Lay on a blanket and stargaze! Talk about where you see yourselves in 10 years, places you’d like to travel, things you’d like to accomplish! If you’re a stargazer, download the Skyview app for your phone.  It’s awesome!! Play a game of badminton, baggo, soccer – or spend some time making chalk drawings on the sidewalk or patio with your kiddos! If you’re in an area that permits and you have the ATV’s, load your crew up on four wheelers and Rangers and go do some off road riding!

     5.  Drinks and Dessert:  Instead of waiting 2 hours and spending a lot at your favorite restaurant for your evening meal, beat the dinner crowd by going  for drinks and dessert or wait and hit them after the dinner crowd is gone.  You still get to enjoy some time in one of your favorite restaurants, but you won’t have the wait and your wallet won’t be singing the blues!

Feel free to post your most economical and fun date night activities below! I will love ya for it! 🙂

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  1. “Pay What You Can” nights at the Rep. That one takes some effort because you have to get there early and get in line for them but you can enjoy an awesome show at the Rep for a lot less than a regular show.

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