Dig a Little Deeper in the Well

My husband and sons tend to remember big moments in life based on football games…”Oh that was the year the Cowboys beat the Chiefs”, etc. Moments of my life tend to be marked with music….I remember things and events of the past and I can tell you what music was playing, sort of like a soundtrack to my life, you might say? I can remember riding in the car as a kid listening to 8 track tapes on the stereo. One tape my parents used to play was one by the Oak Ridge Boys. My brother and I used to giggle singing along to “Elvira” and the like. One song on the tape they used to play went a little something like this (you have to imagine the Oak Ridge Boys singing here) “Dig, Dig (high pitched voice), Dig (deep bass voice) a little deeper in the well son, dig a little deeper in the well…if you want a good, cold drink of water, you’ve got to dig a little deeper in the well.”

A recent bible study I have been doing (“Steadfast Love” by Lauren Chandler) talks in one section about cisterns and how they were used in biblical times. Cisterns were man-made wells that were cut deeply into rock for holding water. Once these cisterns were no longer useful for holding water, they were converted into tombs, torture chambers and prisons. Jeremiah 2:13 says this, “For my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.”

I have done this so often in my own life – looked to things and people for fulfillment, love, security, sustenance when Jesus Christ is the only one that can fill our empty places with living water that truly satisfies. When we continue to seek what only He can give in any other place or thing besides Jesus, these broken wells will eventually become prisons for us. Even when we are longing for the Lord to rescue us and it feels like we are in a desert, we can know that God uses our desert seasons to reveal our broken cisterns to us so that He can bring us to a place where we can find satisfaction in nothing else but Him – our well of living water.

When we read about the woman at the well in the Bible, we learn that she went to draw water during the hottest part of the day. Water was usually drawn in the evenings or early mornings, but this woman timed her trip to the well carefully in order to avoid having to interact with others who would shame her for her lifestyle and for who she was. During the hottest (desert) part of the day, this woman met Jesus. He told her everything she ever did and then offered her the one thing that could set her free: living water. She accepted his gift and it changed her life.

These desert seasons can be painful because the Lord reveals to us things about ourselves and our sin that are difficult to face and own up to. If we cling to Him and keep moving forward with Him, we can know that He never exposes those things in our lives to shame or condemn us, but in order that He can cover us with even MORE of His grace and love, putting HIS robe of righteousness on us as he begins his healing work on the wounds that sin has inflicted on our lives.

Lord help us to acknowledge our broken cisterns and set us free from our self erected prisons. Lead us to draw deeper from your continuous supply of living water offered freely to whomever will receive it.

When you’re feeling thirsty or your spirits are dry, let that be your reminder to “Dig, dig, DIG a little deeper in the well….”

Again – these thoughts are based on a bible study I am currently working on, but I thought they were so relevant I wanted to share and it has been awhile since I’ve posted here. ūüôā

I hope you will allow Jesus to begin to set you free today, then it truly will be INDEPENDENCE DAY! xoxo

On turning 43…..

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12


Forty three………..

FOURRRRRTY THREEEEEE (prounounced with extremely overexaggerated rolling “r’s”)

As much as I keep trying to make it sound fun or fancy, the fleshly (not flesh-Y….although that is a topic for another day *giggle*) side of me can’t help but thinking my age is starting to sound old-ish and that I really like the sound of TWENTY-NINE (make those T’s explosive!) much better.

I mean, if the age you are turning on your birthday is the title of a song by the Dave Matthews Band, you are always guaranteed that it is going to be a good year.

The last time I had one of those was age 41. ¬†#41. ¬†Love that song. ¬†And you know what, it was a pretty good year, if I do say so myself. ¬†There is no #43. ¬†DMB is taking 2017 off from touring….I fully expect him to write me some birthday songs for ages 45-50 on his days off. ūüėČ In ¬†the mean time, I can’t wait to hang out with Dave on May 18 in North Little Rock.

Back on track.

What is it about aging that we don’t like? Shouldn’t we feel blessed to see another year? Recently, I have been reminded over and over how brief life can be. ¬†I’ve watched people I love struggle with losing people that they love and care for those who are struggling with life threatening illnesses – YOUNG people. ¬†Young wives and mothers. Beautiful women – full of life and love with a million things they still want to accomplish and be around to experience. ¬†These women are fighters and they are my friends. ¬†They truly inspire me to be better and appreciate what I have – good health and the opportunity to enjoy my days. ¬†Talk about gaining a little perspective.

I read a facebook post by someone recently who was wishing his wife a happy 40th birthday.  He said that we should CELEBRATE milestones instead of counting them.  That struck me as so profound.  I agree with him.

Growing older is a privilege denied to many. ¬†The very fact that what I just said sounds cliche’ proves that it is true. ¬†So I am going to relish and enjoy this thing called 43 years old when it arrives tomorrow. ¬†I’m convinced it is going to be FUN! Cause’ I’m gonna make it so.

“The future is no place to place your better days.” – Dave Matthews

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Life is Sweeter When Shared with Friends!

Welcome to my blog!

This is a new adventure for me and I am so excited to begin this journey!

While this page ¬†is a fun, creative outlet ¬†for me, it is more importantly about¬†YOU!¬†We are all in this thing called life together, and I would like susanjobe.com¬†to be a place you can come to read, relax, enjoy…..and most importantly….respond! I believe a life well spent is rooted in building positive relationships and sharing the best of what we have – literally and figuratively – with others.

Some things I love and look forward to sharing with you here are great music, fantastic food, exciting places to visit, fun products, stories from my life and just the thoughts that cross my mind from time to time.

What do you need to know about me?

I’m a 40-ish year-old mom of three and I have an extra who is an important and special part of our family :). ¬†Just like most folks my age, I have experienced many ups and downs…..I believe that’s called “real life”? The challenges have given me opportunities to grow and change and the blessings just make life all the more sweet.

I am thrilled to be recently remarried to a wonderful man who I can honestly say is my best friend. ¬†He is kind and smart and funny. ¬†Did I mention he is cute? He is. ¬†Like GOOD LOOKIN’….love that man! Greg also has three children, and between my kids and his kids, we are navigating the adventure of blending families. ¬†We love our children very much and are so proud of them all. ¬†What a blessing!

I have an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lilly, who will be making appearances here from time to time. ¬†I teach high school speech and drama in Arkansas and I LOVE being from and living in the South. Any (okay…EVERY) Saturday in the fall consists of NCAA Football (GO HOGS!), followed by the NFL on Sunday…and Monday….and whenever else we can get it. ¬†It’s just what we do.

At our house, the men like to hunt and fish and the women – who are severely outnumbered – love to revel in all things GIRLY. ¬† Although this Mom isn’t above grabbing a fishing pole or riding a back road, either.

Oh yeah – did I mention I have the most fabulous girlfriends on the planet? It’s true. They are the sweetest, FUNNIEST, most loyal, FIERCE women around. ¬†We have been through just about every season of life together, and with a few tears and a lot of laughter, we have survived them all. ¬†In a nutshell, we have a BLAST! The time I get to spend with them is priceless to me.

I will be posting here about once a week to start! I hope you’ll join me! Please feel free to comment and let me know any topics, places, music shows, etc you would like to see featured here!! I’m always up for an adventure!


Are y’all ready to have some fun??